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KIDS JUKE BOX - is a beautiful collection of over 10 Kids music CD's. Each CD is compiled of 6 to 10 entertaining songs that mention the kid's name 40 times. Other companies offer 1 CD only with a greatly limited name list. Kids Juke Box is the only System in the world that allows you such a wide choice to choose from. Kids Juke Box has gathered the finest collection of Personalized music for children ever assembled at one place. With our personalized music for children the child builds name recognition and self-esteem thru the upbeat music played. From waking up in the morning right down thru to a bedtime lullaby, each song captures the child's attention and imagination. Everyone in the family can enjoy and even dance to the music.

Kids Juke Box features the largest selection of Personalized Music for Kids. Our Kids Music CD's mention your child's name over 40 times throughout an entire CD. Kids Juke Box allows you to burn the name of a child right at the cart in under 2 minutes with his own personalized Kids Music CD Label. Labels can be personalized to say " to Julie with all our love, Mommy and Daddy, or anything else you would like to say as well. Kids Juke Box will show you there is nothing more precious than a big smile on a child's face when a child hears his or hers name over and over again in a kids music CD. Kids juke Box CD's helps a child feel loved and special because it's filled with happy images, lots of fun and his or her name is sung over 40 times throughout the songs.

Allow Kids Juke Box to open the door for the happiness of children everywhere when they hear the beauty of personalized Music for Kids.

Personalized Music for children makes the ultimate gift that a child will love to listen to over and over again.