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We truly believe that drumming is for everyone.

Besides lessons on hand drums, traditional drums and percussion instruments of various musical styles and cultures, we also offer druming sessions for recreation, healing, team building and community enhancement.

Even before the times of our techno-dependant-days, drumming and percussion had already existed, in most, if not all cultures from around the world. The very first music from the earliest of tribes and races, already contain percussive or drumming elements of one kind or another in them. Thus, drumming was really part of anyone and everyone’s life back then; it was food for the mind.

Today, be it driving, taking a bus ride, working at your desk or waiting for the lift, each and everyone of us knows a rhythm or two to tap along. So you see, all of us are born with some kind of rhythm sense. At Lîla Drums, we aim to bring out the drummer in you.

At the end of the day, it is about improving the quality of your life through the most primitive method: music, drumming in particular. Something that is instinctive in all human beings.

Young or old, we welcome all to Lîla Drums.

Please feel free to contact us.

Lila Drums
Alexandra Post Office P.O Box 82 Singapore 911503

Drumming Premises:
Lila Drums @ Queenstown Community Centre
365 Commonwealth Avenue Singapore 149732

Lila Drums @ 116 Telok Kurau Road
Singapore 423802
(Near East Shore Hospital)

Phone / Fax : +65 6334 1430

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