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Since its inception, Frontier Danceland has been actively involved in the experimentation and creation of contemporary dance that manifest the local and Asian culture under the leadership of Mdm Low.

During the past decade, Mdm. Low has persevered in establishing a contemporary dance company rooted in the Asian culture. The company has worked with choreographers from the region to produce many excellent works, some of which have gained recognition in international dance festivals.

Jazz Dancing Lessons

Course outline :

Jazz dance includes the fundamentals of dance techniques while improving strength, flexibility and anaerobic capacity. It borrows from ballet as well as contemporary skills and improves musculoskeletal fitness. Taught in 3 sections: dance technique and warm-up, which includes both strength and stretch components; traveling motor skills; and movement combination, which utilizes skills learned in the prior 2 sections.

Level : Beginners II (Or with some basic experience)
Cost : $150.00
Session : 8 sessions (Oct 29, Nov 5, 12, 19, 26, Dec 3, 10, 17)
Day : Saturday
Time : 2:30 - 4pm

For more information on our Jazz Dancing Lessons, pls visit our website
or you can contact Ricky Sim at 9185 2867.