Personalized Computer Courses for you to learn the IT Skills you want!
Learn NS/NLP Knowhow & Techniques for Overcoming Fears and Managing Fears. Stop Letting Fears Ruin your Life. Start Living your Life, Start Exploring & Start Achieving Best Results for your Life.
Improvisation for High-performance Team is a proven highly effective teambuilding workshop, a premium programme of Boway Business Theatre. It applies theatrical methodology into corporate training
WorldTeach is an international educational organisation whose goal is to assist organisations in the ministry of education.
If you’re a seeker looking to unfold and unlock your spiritual potential , here is where you may consider some paths.
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Upcoming courses - Speaking with Poise and Professionalism, Body Language - Uncover the Hidden Messages Behind the Actions, Handling Difficult People
Know what to say during Job Interviews, know what bosses want, know how to get Hired
Making Use of Numerology's Characteristic Analysis Ability To Understand Yourself & Others
‘Effective Presentation Skills’ workshop has been designed to raise your bar in making informative presentations so as to achieve the outcome that YOU want
We provide customize training & development courses to assist businesses, organisations and SMEs improve on their business objectives.
Learn the best way to approach someone, learn not to be afraid, end your loneliness, start your exciting journey in a relationship soon!
We have the widest variety of self improvement/personal development programmes in Singapore to lift your spirits and help you spread the cheer!
InstilLearning Therapy Centre provides 1-1 home-based ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapy sessions for special needs kids. For enquiry, drop us an email to
Are you struggling to find Happiness? Why struggle and be unhappy? Life is short, and Happiness is Here and Now
Making Use of Numerology's Characteristic Analysis Ability To Understand Yourself & Others
For those who are interested to further develop themselves, and are looking for a platform to apply their skills to!
old kindergarten is a space where old boys and girls come back to play. We organise mini-classes for you to try out new hobbies, learn life skills, and meet new friends.
Master the key EQ Skills for Managing Your Workplace Relationship
Life is punctuated with many cross-roads where answers are much needed and sought after.