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If you love coffee and want to learn the practical art and science of all about making specialty coffee, our workshop assures you all of that plus conferring high standards and with references from the Italian, American and Australian coffee world. Since its launch in Nov 2004, our workshop has trained many hundreds if not thousands of participants.

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This comprehensive hands-on programme consist 2 sessions workshop (2 professional levels) and is highly beneficial for those who are:

Planning to start your own café in the future and serve espresso beverages   
Currently working as a Barista but keen to master the correct techniques of making that perfect cup       
Coffee lovers who owns espresso machines at home and wish to learn effective barista techniques

Comprising of level I and level II, the first level is ideal for the cafe operator and home barista . Level II is optional if you want acquire advanced skills, coffee tasting and latte art. Level III is desirable if wish to consider a career or work in partnership with us or simply just want to be recognised as an associate of the Highlander Coffee brand.

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