Knowledgehut is conducting 2 days of Certified Scrum Master training and CSM Exam prep classroom training workshop, delivered by Certified Scrum Trainers(CST). Also this training, we also provide 16
Secrets of the Stock Market By Daniel Loh Again Daniel Loh has accurately forecasted the turnaround of the Asian indices amid the Crimea incident. Article on 21 March 2014 and radio media interviews t
All our workshops qualify for the PIC 400% Tax Deduction or 60% Cash Payout under the PIC scheme; Training of Employees.
Discover 7-Figure Super Affiliate Techniques - Video Webinar
At Squirrel, we have been inspired by stories of how people can enrich one another's life by sharing and learning. This was the trigger and the inspiration to start the Squirrel venture !
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OVERVIEWCompanies employ talents to help grow the company. Safeguarding them against injuries and loss is not only a corporate concern, but it is also a national concern. Thus, the Singapore governmen
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Various courses in Drafting & Vetting Employment Contracts,WICA,Changes to Employment Act,SOP Act,Commercial Contract Negotiation, and more!
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iMachining saves 70% and more in CNC machining time
We humbly welcome you to our FREE Internet Business/Marketing Seminar (worth $198) so we can share our winning strategies with you. (Take note: We will be sharing actual data, statistics, graphs and r
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SolidWorks 2014 Update Training
Calling for aspiring current and future entrepreneurs!
Making a 6-figure annual income without selling anything online
Armed with proven strategies, Roderick Loh can help turn your digital marketing expenses into income.
Would you be willing to set aside 15 minutes a day to ..........
Technical Analysis & Fundamental Analysis of the Stock/Fx market
Get trained to become an expert Technical Analyst and better equipped to handle CMT Examination.
在2014年1月份3-5日,易璇将在新加坡博览中心举办3天课程。这场《命运.应运》,黄有易老师会特别加入流年的风水布局与公司开工吉日。《命运.应 运》是一门专为新学员设计的课程。课程包含了稳扎的华人数术基础,如阴阳、五行、八卦、八字、风水、预测等等和它们之间的种种运用法。 在《命运.应运》课程里将会教导学员如何把 天、地、人 的概念与知识运用在每一天的生活上。课程会教导如何处理感情、该不该转换工作
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Attend 5 days workshop on Big Data Analytics using Haoop & become an expert in handling Hadoop Components!!
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