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Fitball exercises challenge your core strength & improve muscle development through the core without any fear of getting 'bulky'. This is especially a good exercise for post-natal. Since muscle burns dreaded fat, you can expect improved metabolism and leanness as an added benefit of using the ball. Generally, using fitball increases the intensity of the exercise as it uses our core muscles all the time just to balance our body weight on the round ball.

Fitball is used for abdominal/core exercises, balance & stability training, stabilizing the spine, all types of stretching, weight training, and more! Most Fitball exercises will challenge the core and teach you to stabilize your spine. Sitting or lying _disibledevent=230486">Pilates class and creating more fun into the class. Fitball can be used concurrently with push ups to create more varieties and better impact to the strengthening of the muscles for post-natal exercises.

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