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Posted by Andy Lee
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Hi to all parents out there, i and my wife are providing tutoring services in the eastern area of singapore, we were university graduates in Australia back then, and we have done tutoring full time and part time in the past and we specialise in teaching students from primary 1 to primary 6, and results from our students were proven to be very positive, our rates are known and preferred to be the most reasonable around. We are always of the idea that students to come to my place for the sessions as me and my wife will be able to fully concentrate and emphasize on the progress of our students academic performances. Our objective of this arrangement will be getting a group of students of the same level to be learning together as they are able to encourage each other by making sure that they will do better than other peers and not lose out to others in school or at home. I was a psychology and sociology student back in university days and i am capitalizing on the never lose out idea to grasp the heart of young learners to do their utmost academically in this competitive era. Thanks. Yours truly, Mr Li Mobile: +65 93911567