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Careers @ Fun Learners' School
Aspiring for a fulfilling career in the private education industry?
Fun Learners' School welcomes motivated teachers to join our team!
Try this little quiz:
1.       Do you enjoy being a teacher?
2.       Do you take pride in your profession?
3.       Are you passionate about teaching?
4.       Do you make it a point to give your best to your students?
5.       Do you enjoy exercising a degree of professional autonomy and discretion to see that your students succeed?
6.       Would you like to have an attractive salary package?
7.       Do you want to be plugged into an invigorating professional environment?
8.       Are you a lifelong learner?

If your answers to all these questions are ‘yes’, then we may just have the dream job waiting for you.


1.      您喜欢教学吗?
2.      您对教学有成就感吗?
3.      您对教学有热忱吗?
4.      您愿意尽最大 能力帮助学生学习或成功吗?
5.      您是否要找一个赏识您的才华,并愿意付较优厚待遇予您的公司?
6.      您是否愿意在一个以教学素质为荣的公司里茁壮成长?
7.      您是否是一个终身学习者?


Job Openings

Basic tertiary qualification (Degree or Diploma)    
Teaching/Training qualification (from NIE, Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers & Trainers or equivalent) 
Able to work in the evenings & weekends  

Fun Learners’ School
Nurturing Lifelong Learning
Tel: 6567 3208
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