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29th &  30th DECEMBER 2008
Theme : Understanding Concepts! BRIDGING GAP, STRIVING FOR EXCELLENCE IN “O” Level AMATHS!


TARGET AUDIENCE: Sec 4/5 students /2009

The Programme is specially customized to build students’ comprehension & application in The World Of Additional Mathematics!This intense revision will certainly jolt your memory with a clearer understanding of complex concepts learnt! Have no FEAR as you step courageously forward to prepare for your “O’’ Levels! Start now! Why regret later!  
Course Duration: 2-day workshop (9am – 5pm)
Investment per participant: S$200.00
Minimum pax per workshop: 20


Mrs Wijaykumar R Devi (Former Subject-Head for Mathematics/ MOE/Schools). Mrs Kumar has taught Mathematics for 2 decades! Her wealth of experience in teaching & her fun n lively personality will make learning a worthy & meaningful experience! Very difficult concepts are made easier with great clarity! What’s more....she has made learning affordable at a relatively lower cost! 
  PROGRAMME For Day 1 & 2 


Topic s Covered


Day 1

Indices & Surds

ü  Testing the Laws of Indices & its relevance to everyday maths

ü  Application of surds using      = ,    =

ü  What is meant by conjugate surds to rationalize the surd

ü  Solve simple equations involving indices & surds.

ü  Apply the rules of indices to simple problems.

ü  Solve exponential equations of the form ax = b where b = an

ü  Solve exponential equations using substitutions.


Quadratic Expressions

and Equations

ü  What is meant by roots and how it is interpreted in graphs

ü  Use of Discriminant (b2-4ac) to find if equation has roots

ü  Determining the turning point using completing the squares

ü  Solving complex problem sums



ü  Using the laws of Logarithm to solve complex problem sums

ü  Understanding the logarithmic principles and being able to solve complex problem sums

ü  Exponentials functions & its relevance to logarithmic functions

ü  Plotting lg & ex curves with confidence


Day 2

Remainder & Factor Theorem

ü  The difference between Factor & Remainder Theorem.

ü  Solving cubic equations by factorization.


Partial Fractions

ü  Express a rational expression in partial fractions

ü  Application of Partial Fractions


Linear Law

ü  Expressing  a relationship in the linear form Y = mX + c

ü  Plotting  an appropriate straight line and to find the values of m and c


Binomial Theorem


ü  Using the Binomial Theorem to expand (a + b)n to any number of terms.

ü  Using the result Tr + 1 = an rbr to find a particular term


Trigonometric Functions

ü  Solving Trigo functions

ü  Sketching the graphs of y = sin , y = cos  and y = tan .

ü  Sketch the graphs of y = a sin bx + c, y = a cos bx + c, ,   and      y = a tan bx

ü  Proving Trigo identities with ease

ü  Understanding the Double-angle Formulae, Applying  the R &

Factor formulae & its complex problem sums


Coordinate Geometry

ü   Using formulae & logic to find the mid-pt, length of line, its equation, gradients etc


Any Other Topics ..?

ü   Free & Easy

ü   Please Ask & I will TEACH!

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