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Weekly sessions are conducted by experienced and highly qualified GP lecturers from one of the Top 5 Junior Colleges.

Sessions aim to develop critical skills and techniques required to excel in the GCE 'A' Level General Paper.

The course will be conducted weekly in a setting of a small group (about 4 to 8 students) so to to ensure that sufficient attention is given to individual students while retaining the fun of group learning in a class.''

At the end of the course, students will learn;

Essay Skills:
1.How to construct an effective introduction and conclusion
2.Effective Paragraphing
3. Form and Structure
4. Analytical Perspectives and Approaches to Essay Questions
5. Question Analysis
6.Argument Structure and Argumentation/Convincing the Reader
7. Point and Counter-Point in Argumentation
8. The ''Extras'' for an A essay

Comprehension Skills:
1. Effective Summary Writing
2. Effective Reading Strategies
3. Engaging the Application Question
4. Understanding Figurative Language
5. Dealing with Metaphors and Analogies
6. Identifying Question Types / Finding the Right Approach for the Right Kind of Questions

Fees: $280/month

5 class time slots weekly! Call in to enquire for further details on timing/days

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