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We run a full Montessori Programme to unlock the genius in every child, so he is able to discover his potential and limitless capabilities.

Through exploration and discovery, the child can experience and marvel at the world with all his senses.

The programme is both individualized and social. We recognize unique and personal talents, at the same time value the social grouping and interaction of our children.

Our school promotes holistic learning. Emphasis is placed not just in the child's intellectual but also the physical, emotional and social development.

For the development of independence and concentration, every child has to be able to use the Practical Life Exercises. These are mainly activities that we would normally take for granted. By perfecting these skills, the child will be able to do more for himself. By using his hands and manipulating his environment, he is unlocking his intelligence and enabling its development. The activities are progressive, gradually challenging the child's abilities according to his level of development. The mastery of these skills will eventually be needed in other areas of class work such as projects and art & craft, and for a general confidence in the child to be able to care of himself.


When using the sensorial equipment, the child learns basic concepts like size, colour and dimension.

Because the activities are both didactic and progressively more challenging, the child can learn at his own pace, moving forward only when he is ready. He is free to choose his activity and is thus able to move efficiently around the classroom.

The sensorial equipment builds a foundation for mathematics and language as it presents the various math concepts in concrete form. The child that has gained experience with the materials is also constantly interacting with the environment, and thus, communicating with the others around him and building up a vocabulary that will be vital for formal lessons later.

Sensory experience is important for the child to form his own understanding of the world.

Through the senses, the child is able to gain a firmer footing in reality and so begin to desire to know more about his world.

The Math section is a follow up from the Practical Life Exercises and Sensorial sections where foundations in mathematics have been set. The materials require concrete manipulation and also follow a precise sequence. The first few exercises teach the concept of one-to-one correspondence and conservation. Once that has been mastered, the materials go on to introduce the concept of number. Numerous activities can be designed around the materials, and the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplicaton and division) are enjoyed with concrete manipulation.


The preparation for language in this curriculum comes in the form of developmental activities in the other curriculum areas of Practical Life, Sensorial, Art, and Music & Movement, and through games, songs, and rhymes. These activities concentrate on developing listening, speaking, decoding, writing and reading: factors essential for acquiring language.

The materials follow the same basic principles: being progressive, moving from concrete to abstract, and the child is free to develop at his own pace. Since the child is taught the letter sounds phonetically, he is given the advantage of making the discovery of reading for himself.


The outdoor area is an extension of the classroom where the social, intellectual, emotional, linguistic and physical aspects of development are honed and enhanced through practice. Children can expend energies and expand opportunities for themselves. Through structured and unstructured play outdoors, children build on experiences which directly affect how they understand the world around them. With a lot of physical activity, children become stronger, their muscles get toned, and they gain confidence and control over their bodies.

Physical activity cannot be more emphasized in the preschool curriculum. Its importance must be stressed if the child is to develop into a well rounded individual. Toning of the physical body is essential to proper brain functioning and the stimulating of hormones that help the child focus and concentrate.

Music widens the mind's horizons and plays a large part in stress management, developing awareness, and improving auditory sensitivity. Learning songs, ryhmes, rhythm, pitch and tone not only increases the child's capabilities in more facets of his life, but also adds colour and meaning to it.
Most importantly, the child must enjoy physical movement. The motivation to move, explore and control his actions should come from within, nurtured through the guidance of the directress.

Art & Craft complements the Montessori Curriculum very well because it can bring together ideas and concepts already introduced and taught to present a concrete expression of the lessons learnt. Through working with various media, the child has opportunities for free and self expression, and his creativity is encouraged.
By manipulating things in the environment and creating new forms and shapes, the child becomes aware of his environment, and thus, develops an appreciation for it.


Cooking allows children to combine a number of skills already learnt, especially those learnt from the Practical Life curriculum. It is a fun activity that allows even the youngest child to be involved.


Culture hopes to widen horizons, opening doors into other worlds. We want to encourage awareness and discovery of similarities and differences that make our world so dynamic.


We take our children to the PRIME GYMNASTICS CLUB where trained instructors help the children gain confidence, balance and control in their lives while developing the whole body

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