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I am a housewife residing in Yishun who loves taking care of infant and kids, care for them like how a mother does, loves to keep them clean, play with them as I have lots of toys at home and feed them nutritional foods. I have taken care of my 12 cousins when they were young as I naturally have a soft spot for young innocent lives that God has presented every mother with. I have actually 5 years of experience in taking care of infant and kids. I myself have a one year old baby. Please do not be taken in by my age as I feel that age has very little do with the love that is shared between the caretaker and the child. I know how to bathe the child in a baby tub with the right temperature of the water, knows how to cook delicious healthy infant solid food, knows how to keep the house free from hazardous items that harms the child, maintain baby bottles and utensils with proper heating method, handwash baby clothes, entertains infant with colourful and mind catching items and play mind games to boost their brain power and creativity. For further queries, please feel free to visit me at my home or give me a call at 92341706. Thank you