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Towards Excellence in Care, Education and Services

Kinderland provides quality infant and child care services, bilingual preschool education and premier student care services to children 2 months to 12 years of age. This is achieved through the expertise and dedication of professionals in curriculum research and development, teacher training as well as strong affiliations with renowned universities.

First established in 1978, Kinderland today has over 50 preschools, child care and student care centres in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Bangladesh and China. Outside Singapore, Kinderland offers an international preschool bilingual curriculum.



Infant Care

With more than 25 years of experience in early childhood education, Kinderland incorporates the latest findings on infant and child development to introduce a quality infant care programme. This programme is conducted in a safe yet stimulating environment, with professional infant care-givers, to meet their needs.

Child Care and Preschool Education

With strong emphasis on total development of the child, Kinderland preschools and child care centres provide a sound academic curriculum in preparing students for formal schooling. Learning is well-balanced through play, discovery and creative activities. Kinderland's uniqueness lies in its music literacy programme which uses keyboard music instruments. Besides residential child care, Kinderland also provides direct workplace and off-site child care services to corporations, institutions and recreational clubs.

Student Care

Kinderland is committed to providing children with quality student care in a safe learning environment. Besides homework supervision and tutorials, students also engage in enrichment courses such as creative writing, speech & drama, hobby-based projects and educational field trips. All activities are conducted by well-trained and resourceful teachers, using methodologies such as brainstorming and intuitive thinking to engage the students' imagination. Structured daily routine care and balanced nutritious meals are employed at these centres to meet the students' custodial needs.

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