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At eZoo, both children and adults can cultivate an appreciation for music and fine  art against a lush and tropical idyllic setting nestled in the charming hills of Swiss  View , with a focus on the appreciation of the arts – music , pottery, fine art, and  arts & crafts. "Our priority and philosophy is that music and art should be loved  and appreciated, and not solely for academic purposes. Once a child enjoys and  loves  a certain art form, they will naturally be motivated to learn it well," says  Elizabeth Teng, artistic director and owner of eZoo.

 EZoo’s music sessions run the gamut from group sessions of 4-6 to individual  sessions. The range of classes include music appreciation classes for children  from 4 years older where they learn to simply enjoy music through percussion  instruments, body movements to music, and through experiencing a variety of  musical instruments.Other music classes include classical and pop piano, classical  guitar, volin and contemporary and electric guitar courses.

The arts and craft classes comprise eight basic modules; introduction to colour concepts, creative craft work, basic drawing techniques, paper craft, portraiture, different painting media, printing-making, and making models & cartooning.

Additionally, eZoo teachers themselves hail from a diverse number of countries like Japan, Korea, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and of course Singapore.

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