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Edvox Music School was established in 2002 with the objective of bringing high quality music education to the heartlands and to all music lovers. Our School offers comprehensive practical and theoretical music classes in various instruments conducted by qualified instructors.
It is of utmost importance for our School to foster a friendly and inspiring environment to bring out the best in all our students and staff. We delicately manage the differing needs and pursuits of examination and leisure-learning students.
We believe in an all-rounded musical education hence we encourage our students to participate actively in our annual concert Talento and various in-house master classes and recitals. By involving themselves in such enriching activities, they will better appreciate the finer aspects of music and have exposure to orchestra skills and learning to cooperate with fellow musicians in performing. These opportunities are hard to come by and are invaluable in developing their musicianship.
Our School takes seriously the three-way communication between student, teacher and parents as we know that parents may not always be aware of how to help their child improve or practise, or parents may not have the time to supervise or keep alongside of their child’s learning progress. Hence our teacher will gladly take the effort to update parents _disibledevent="/Parenting-Children/Children-Enrichment-Programmes/ad-136058/">theoretical learning.
Our staff is of exceptional calibre with outstanding degree of expertise in their subject of specialty. They are experienced and knowledgeable, yet amiable and approachable.

The Funtime Doreme Course is for children aged from 3½ to 5 years old. This Course is specially designed for children by integrating the various pedagogy approaches into a continuous music developmental process, providing your child with an all-rounded musical experience.
Being the child’s first exposure to music lessons, a group environment is highly motivating for a young child, and the chance to have hands-on practical lessons with the piano and violin greatly helps a child determine his/her musical inclinations. The course will encompass creative expressions and performance experiences in singing, movement and playing the keyboard, violin and percussion instruments, making it the best choice for a child’s first interaction and introduction to music.

Why Funtime DoReMe?
* Wide exposure to many rudiments in music education like note reading, solfedge and aural training, hand-eye coordination, musical awareness and many more areas.

* Singing with movements and lyrics helps children appreciate and enjoy music, and improves their coordination ability.

* Listening and understanding classical and children music develops their musicianship and aids in understanding various emotions.

* Experience both hands-on piano and violin playing, arousing interest in music.

* Ease of transition after Funtime Doreme to individual music lessons.

* Small class size to ensure child gets maximum attention from the trainers.

* Foster interaction with other children in a fun and safe environment.

* Solo and ensemble performances to gain competence, confidence and experience cooperation and leadership skills in a team environment.
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