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For commercial work

Ceramique Studio started off as a small home-based studio many years ago. Over time, we have expanded into a 2-floor studio; one used for clay-free onglaze decoration work, and another used for ceramic murals and pottery work.

The scale and type of commercial works done in this 2-storey professional studio is dependent on client's specifications as well as available firing capacity and available specialised equipment.

We can undertake most project types as we have the complete range of professional pottery equipment from clay preparation equipment such as mixers, slab rollers, extruders to glazing equipment such as airbrush and spraying equipment.

Claymagination Holiday Camp

CLAYMAGINATION© is an art-intensive 4-session holiday camp offering specialized instruction in clay, painting and printing techniques. Each session is 5 hours, from 10 - 3pm with some breaks in between projects.

This programme is open-ended in nature and the small group setting seeks to stimulate kid's creative juices and teach them how their ideas can be expressed with the use of various media.

The group size is small and and personalised. No two programmes are the same. These projects are facilitated by experienced educators who are also artists in their own field.

At the end of the camp, students will:

1) Improve visual observation, visualising 2D images, converting them into creative 3D works of art
2) have a better understanding and appreciation of art
3) Improve creative and thinking skills.

Duration and instructor ratios

Each session is 5 hours long (with 2 mini breaks of 20 minutes. It is twice a week over 2 weeks.

The participants are divided into two age groups and have separate instructors: coed, ages 7 to 10 and ages 11 to 14. This provides a greater potential for diverse, age appropriate projects. The group size is small and personalised, at not more than 7 students per instructor.

Children: A120a: 4 sessions of 5 hours (Mon/Wed) (Tues/Thurs)
Fees: $355 (including materials and tools)
Project samples: making clay figurines, collographs, printmaking, Mixed media.

NOV/DEC HOLIDAYS PROMOTION: 2nd participant pays only 50%*.

*pay by 15 Nov 2007

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