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At The Little Skool-House International, we consider it our privilege to accompany children as they embark on the path of growth and exploration. We are committed to providing the education and care to develop each child’s emotional, cognitive, social, physical skills to build a strong foundation for their future education and lifetime learning.

We believe that:

Children are competent learners. We provide them the right environment to maximise their learning potential.
Children learn best in an interactive and loving environment. Our teachers provide experiences that encourage experimentation and instill the joy of learning.
The learning outcome should aim to develop the multiple intelligences in young children. Our curriculum guides them to be smart- physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially.
Learning extends from school to home. We create mutually supportive relationship between the school and the family.

Pre-School with a Difference!

The Steps Programme© (Core Curriculum)

The Steps Programme© consists of BabySteps (2 to 17 months), FirstSteps (18 months to 3 years old) and KinderSteps (4 to 6 years old). This literature-based programme forms the heart of our curriculum. It is designed to engage children in a variety of activities that integrates the learning of concepts and skills which are vital to their next level of achievement.

These skills and concepts are introduced through the following subject domains:

  • Literature Attack Math Mind
  • Let's Create
  • Let's Move
  • Circle of Friends
  • Curious Works

Kids for Character, Character for Kids!- A character-building education programme is also integrated into The Steps Programme©

The Little Skool-House International curriculum, though driven by its core curriculum, integrates The Builders Programme© that is unique to its centres. A key feature of this curriculum is its flexibility in allowing teachers to adapt the learning experiences to capitalise on the unique resources available at each specific centre to meet the children’s needs and their parents’ expectations.

The Little Skool-House International remains committed in its support of each individual child’s intellectual, social, emotional, physical and moral development and seeks to actively involve parents in their children’s learning and achievement through our Community Learning and Parent Support Programmes.

The Builders Programme© (Specialised Curriculum)
The Builders Programme© is a unique feature of The Little Skool-House International. Each centre has a different specialty. The area of specialty is based on the location, resources around the centre and needs of the children.

The StepPlus Programme©

The Little Skool-House International puts service quality as one of its top priorities. Therefore, in meeting the customers’ needs and in playing the role of a family support and resource centre, The Little Skool-House International offers the optional programme - The StepPlus Programme©, to complement the core curriculum- The Steps Programme.

There is a wide array of StepPlus Programmes© available. Ranging from the arts to languages to movement education, The Little Skool-House International is a one-stop place where the children can be nurtured according to their interests. The choice of the programmes are specifically selected to suit The Builders Programme©, in line with the customised focus for each centre.

Contact Information:

The Little Skool-House (Ulu Pandan Community Building)

229 Mountbatten Road,
#02-18 Mountbatten Square
Singapore 398007
Tel: (65) 6391 9244
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Contact Information
229 Mountbatten Road, #02-18 Mountbatten Square #02-18 Mountbatten Square #02-18 Mountbatten Square Singapore 398007