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Nurture Craft Pte Ltd is a full-service educational company established in 1992 operating in Singapore and Malaysia. Nurture Craft aims to be a community centered business that can positively influence the thinking of society on parenting and family issues.

Nurture Craft Education Group is involved in the following activities:

• Supply of Educational Products
• Franchising of Educational Services
• Magazine distribution
• Retail franchise operations
• STAR Literacy programmes
• Educator training in teaching for thinking
• Curriculum development
• Student learning centre
• Early childhood certified training (Graduate Diploma, Diploma and Certificate levels , accredited by Mininstry of Education    Singapore)
• Childcare centre
• Digital games development

The group operates several companies in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong, representing world-class brands in both products and services.

The Nurture Craft education group has its beginnings in June 1992 with the opening of the first retail outlet at Thomson Plaza. Since then it has grown into a vertically integrated business with subsidiary businesses ranging from childcare care to digital games development.

The underlying philosophy at Nurture Craft is the belief in quality and integrity. This philosophy permeates the business operations from the selection of products to development of services and the establishment of good business practice.

STAR Advanced Reading & Comprehension

Newly launched literacy programme: STAR Advanced Reading & Comprehension for 6-10 years old children, who aim to develop critical & independent reading & comprehension skills.

It aims to build children's enthusiasm, success in reading & creating a habit of reading. The programme practices & enhances Language, Vocabulary, Creativity & Comprehension Skills .

This is done through a variety of learning techniques, which involve direct instruction, independent learning development through whole class, group & paired work, as well as Exploration, Discussion & Interaction for all students in a safe & enriching learning environment.

A wide genre of text from books are used to provide rich experience with challenging contexts, cumulative vocabulary & sensible grammatical structure. Fiction text: Playscript, Fairy Tale, Fantasy, Adventure Thrillers, Humuor, Mystery, Poetry. Non-Fiction text: Biography, Narrative, Factual.

There are numerous of games throughout the programme that will build & develop your child's literacy skills. Games like the Adjective Games, Alliteration Sentences, Buddy Reading, The Circle Rhyme Game, The Dictionary Game, Letter Blends, & many more.

STAR Advanced Reading Programme
What is STAR Advanced Reading and Comprehension Programme?

STAR Advanced Reading and Comprehension Programme strives to cultivate young learners’ love for reading and enhance literacy development. It builds confidence in reading with understanding, develops ability to communicate effectively and enables expression of ideas.

What makes STAR Advanced Reading and Comprehension Programme unique?

It is uniquely designed programme of shared and guided reading, which exposes children to different kinds of literary genres. It provides opportunity for children to discuss the books, develop a more meaningful understanding of the text, acquire knowledge and build critical thinking skills.

What are the benefits of the programme?

It increases appreciation of literature and expands the child’s imagination. Attention span improves and the child is encouraged to reflect and connect his/ her personal experiences during the learning process as well.

Literary Genres used

This programme uses prose fiction, play script, poetry, and non-fiction to provide children opportunities to understand structure and language features.

Creative Activities and Games

This programme incorporates cooperative learning and nurtures children’s love for the language through a variety of fun activities and games with language focus.

Who will be conducting STAR Advanced Reading and Comprehension?

STAR Advanced Reading and Comprehension is conducted by licensed instructors, who undergo training and maintain annual accredition to their license.

Log on to to locate your nearest licensed instructors.

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