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BBnanny Pte. Ltd. is the leading childcare referral company focused on helping parents finds quality babysitters in their local area that match best with the needs of their children in Singapore. We are known for providing babysitters and nannies by selective matching to the parent’s needs and requirements. We provide the highest standard of care for your children. At BBnanny we pride ourselves among other agencies.


If you are new to an area, or to parenthood, with no family support nearby, you may well be looking for reliable local babysitters. Using a babysitting service allows you the freedom to go out whenever you want.

The welfare of your children is always foremost in our minds and we are very aware of how important it is that your child is properly looked after. You can, with an easy mind, ask your sitter to change nappies, feed and bathe babies, dress your children, play with them and so on - and keep them carefully supervised at all times.
All our babysitters are non-smokers with childcare experience. All are interviewed and their references are checked. We believe in the importance of screening our babysitters to ensure that they have the relevant experience to look after your child. We are committed to matching you an experienced and caring nanny whom you can trust. 

Why engage our babysitting service?

  • We will match you with an experienced babysitter from our bio-data or network of babysitters based on your specific requirement needs
  • We will try to assign a nanny which stayed nearby your neighbourhood within 5~10 minutes walking distance or near your workplace so that you can send or pick up your baby conveniently or babysitter that willing to babysitter at your place if you agree
    We’ll make sure that your baby get undivided attention by our babysitter assigned to you
  • We’ll make sure your baby gets a comfortable place to stay

Rates For Hire Babysitter

(Prices are subject to change without prior notice)


Agency Fee: -

1) For employer that send the baby to babysitter's house, based 5 days Mon-Fri, from 7.30am to 7pm(neg), the cost starts from $550/month

2) For employer that send the baby to babysitter's house, based on 5 1/2 days Mon-Fri, from 7.30am to 7pm(neg), Sat(alternate Saturday, 7.30-1pm), the cost starts from $600/month

3) For employer that send the baby to babysitter's house, based Mon-Fri, from 7.30am to 7pm(neg), Sat(every Saturday, 7.30-1pm(neg)), the cost starts from $650/month

4) For day & night care(24hr) at babysitter's house, Mon-Fri, the cost starts from $750/month

(for babysitting at babysitter's home):

- For Babysitter that has certification in early childhood there will be additional
of $50 on top of the price stated above
- For babies taking solid food(eg. 5~6month old), please add $50-$80 if the baby starts to take solid food cooked by the babysitter (includes porridge / fish / meat / fruits, etc... )
- Client needs to provide milk powder, disposable diapers and etc
- Time stated above is negotiable

- Prices may varies depending on individual requirement and experience of the babysitter


Agency Fee
: 25% of babysitter's salary

Babysitting fees will varies depending on working days/hrs

For babysitter that comes to your house, based on 5 days, Mon-Fri from
8.00am to 6pm, the cost starts from $13
a) Babysitter meals to be provided by the employer
Duties is to look after the babies, including cooking meals for babies; washing baby clothes, etc. Exclude doing household chores

* Prices are subject to change without prior notice

If you have
any queries, please email us at: or contact us @ 9747 2405

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