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The perfect entertainment package for any event!

Wacky FunHouse is a team of dedicated and passionate entertainers.
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The Wacky Stage Magic Show

The Dagger Chest Illusion

The magician invites a brave young audience up on stage for an illusion. The magician dramatically pierce through NINE daggers through the head of the victim, who eventually escape unharmed.

Who is the Monkey?

The magician attempts to teach a boy and a girl a simple card trick. An animal is spelled out, and the magician always manage to get the correct animal to appear. But everytime the boy tries it, he gets the Monkey! The girl is then allowed to try and she gets it right on her first try! The boy is eventually given a last try to find his favourite animal, the Monkey. The trick ends with a big twist and Fifi guarantees that this will make everyone laugh!
NEW-water experiment

Again, the magician invites a boy and girl up on stage, this time to help out with a little magical experiment. In this trick, the magician educates the audience about NEW water, and he proceeds to demonstrate a brand new technology. The boy is made to drink a bottle of water, and with the help of the audience, water is successfully recycled in the most magical way ever! This is yet another hilarious piece of magic. Have to be seen to be believed!

Rabbit from Balloon

A kid is invited up to help the magician for the last trick. A balloon is blown, and the magician attempts to make an animal balloon out of it. After failing several times, the magician finally promises to do something better. With the help of the audience once again, the balloon suddenly pops to transform into a real live rabbit! This is a definite shocker to everyone. Adults will love this as much as the kids!

Floating Table Illusion
The experience seemingly floats a steel table with the help of some magical concentration from a selected member of the audience. Spooky but truly captivating!

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Other services:
Balloon Sculpting
Face/arm painting
Glitter tattoo
Popcorn and Candy Floss machines
Bouncy Castle

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20 Maxwell Road #09-17 Singapore 069113