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568 Ganges Avenue #02-100 Singapore 160568
Contact No. 9637-3512
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ABRAZOS IS: A Dance Academy and Boutique for Argentine Tango based in Singapore

Hire of Abrazos Facilities

Abrazos is a space owned by Tango East Pte Ltd. Our facilities are available for short hire to groups and individuals compatible with our corporate mission, namely for the promotion of music, dance, culture, arts and community bonding.


Dance Studio -- 750 sq ft (15ft ceiling), with mirrors, sound system, sofas, fans, aircon.
  • Space is not sound-proofed from the main salon
  • Minimum hire period 1 hr
  • *Rate for full day 7 hr
Events Salon-- 1500 sq ft open space (18ft ceiling) with
  • 60 chairs / 15 tables, centre dance floor
  • 80 chairs on 20 tables, no dance floor
  • Cocktail reception up to 150 people.
    includes sound system, aircon, fan, self-service pantry (hot and cold drinks).
  • Space is not sound-proofed from other parts of Abrazos
  • Minimum hire period 3 hr
  • *Rate for full day 7 hr
Both Dance Studio and Events Salon -- Abrazos is open plan layout, so for full-control of sound and access you should hire the entire space.
  • Minimum hire period 3 hr
  • *Rate for full day 7 hr

**TangoSingapore, current students of Abrazos, and non-profit groups get 20% discount

Other facilities available for hire (extra charges):

  • Video projector
  • Computers
  • DVD-players
  • Colour Laser Printer
  • Technician to operate equipment
  • Catering of meals

    Available hours:
  • Mon-Thu 9am-11pm
  • Fri-Sat 9am-7pm

    Peak hours:
  • Weekdays after 7pm.
  • Whole day Sat

    Sunday and Public Holiday:
  • 2 x peak hour rates

    Conditions of Hire
    1. Bookings of Salon during non-peak period should be made at least 7 days in advanced. Booking of Salon during peak periods should be made at least 14 days in advanced. Last minute booking is subject to 50% surcharge.

    2. Hirer must ensure all equipment, facilities, furnitures and fixtures are not damaged or defaced during their hire period. A security deposit of $300 may be required from large applications to provide for damage and repair, and will be refunded if all facilities are returned in good condition.

    3. Hirers agree to indemnify Tango East from any claims and liabilities arising from the provision of our space under this hire agreement. All participants enter our facilities on their own risk.

    4. Hirers must observe all rules relating to crowd size, fire hazards, noise control, and parking. Our facilities must not be used for any illegal purpose or those incompatible with our corporate mission stated above.

    5. Tango East may cancel any booking without giving any reason, by returning the booking fees. We reserve the right not to admit any participant who breach our rules.
    How to Book
    Please check our weekly schedule _disibledevent="">home page. For unallocated time within the same week, you can make an informal booking by SMS 9637-3512 or email. For future bookings, please send an enquiry to to contact Tango East Pte Ltd

Address: 568 Ganges Avenue #02-100 ( (How to get here)       |        Event Registration: Email or SMS 9637-3512

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568 Ganges Avenue #02-100 Singapore 160568