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Female Golden Retreiver wanted for mating with my 4 year old healthy golden retreiver
I have a 6 yr old female cocker looking for male cockers to mate...pls buzz me at 90045895 to discuss further..thks!
A mix of Husky, Collie, Jack Russell and many other breeds, Cash is a 2 year old healthy mongrel that wants to find a mate. Though he doesn't have a pedigree, a mongrel is no less than a pure breed.
mongrel  |  mate  |  breed
Female to mate with Pomchi
dog  |  mate  |  pomeranian  |  chihuahua  |  breed
Hi, for those with a purebred female Bernie and who wants to make adorable little bernie pups, please contact!
Looking for a male dog for mating
Im looking for a persian or mincoon or any cross breed male cats.My female ragdoll is on heat now. preferable to have the cats to my home, you dont have to bring your cats food or cat litter, it will
Looking for a female shih tzu in heat
hi, i have a male silky terrier 2 years old healthy. I looking for a female to mate with him.
Interested parties please contact me for further details
Mini Schnauzer  |  breeding  |  mate  |  mating  |  Singapore
Hi All,My Ultimate Pleasure To Introduce My Male Maine Coon Cat:Name: TiggerBreed: Pure Breed Maine CoonColour: GingerAge: 13 Months OldVaccinated Dewormed. Free From Fleas, Ticks Lies At His Prim
Hi All,My Ultimate Pleasure To Introduce My Male Cat:Name: FelixBreed: Mixed Breed of Persian/Maine CoonColour: Orange WhiteAge: 12 Months OldVaccinated Dewormed. Free From Fleas,Ticks Lies At H
cats  |  kittens  |  mating  |  breeding
Im looking forward to be a mummy to my dog's babies! She is a mixed wesley, 3 years old, very healthy with vet's letter, and im looking for a pure male wesley for her!
Hi..My female dog 4 yrs old, papillon cross, 50cm length with 5 kg is on heat right now.. I would like to seek a right male partner for her and hopefully to keep 1 female pup.. Rest of pups will be gi
My family and i are pretty upset about our doggies not being able to have puppies now, and them aging makes us fear losing them very much.
Seeking for healthy, beautiful female sheltie, any colour but preferably sable or blue merle.
sheltie  |  shetland sheepdog  |  stud  |  breeding  |  dog
1 and a half year old pure breed male corgi finding a female mate .
Hi people, I'm currently looking for a female dog to breed with my males shih tzu mix.. He is nice & sweet, less bark unless stranger.. I was advised by the vet as it is good for his health too.
Interested parties please call/sms/whatsapp 98453999/96669193