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She is a very lovely and obedient 2 years old female. Please note that we are only looking for medium size male doodles around 15kg. Intersted party please contact tracy101127@gmailcom or 92360879
Hi,My girl is 3yr+ and looking for a male to mate.Kindly do contact me at : 81808478Thanks
My Male Toy Poodle (age 2+) looking for female toy poodle to mate.First time doing this.Interested party, pls contact me at yeocindy78@gmail.com or 97424050
mate  |  poodle
Pomeranian or Long Coat Chihuahua wanted!
Chihuahua  |  mating  |  mate  |  white  |  brown
World of Frenchies is specialize in breeding standard and exotic French Bulldogs.
Bathing dogsFeeding dogsArea cleaning $7/hr1 off day every weekflexible1pm to 6pmAny enquiries and interview feel free to call91222666 Gino84033411 Fabian
Looking for female corgi to mate
male corgi  |  mate  |  breed  |  female corgi
Seeking for female Labrador Retriever to mate
breeding  |  Dog  |  dogs  |  female  |  Labrador
Contact me at 82999342 for further discussion
I have a 6months old chihuahua and he is always humping so was thinking to mate him. He is very small and open for any small/toy size female mate. please whatsapp me for his pic at 84681175.
You get to keep the puppies that is being breed.
Looking for a handsome fluffy male cat to mate with my beautiful seal point ragdoll For more information please contact me at +65 91829096
pets  |  cat  |  cats  |  kitten  |  kittens
division of puppies negotiable, willing to split vet fees etc.
Pure Japanese Spitz, one year old is looking for his girlfriend. SMS:83178216or send email: williamshuuu@gmail.com
I have a 7 year old Male Corgi
corgi  |  male corgi  |  breed
breed my male shih tzu is in heat and i would want to breed him with a female dog