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Looking for a female doggy:) Want a bloodline of my dog.... Age: 3yr old Breed: Aust Shih Tzu S'porean Only. We can meet up to see if our doggy can get along well anot before deciding :) Email me at
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I have a healthy and handsome male yellow labrador who is 4yrs old this year. He has extremely good temperament and is good with kids. Looking for a female yellow labrador from 2-4 yrs old for mating
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Hi there, My dog is a 3yrs old JRT mixed blood with Pomerenian. Looking for a female JRT or Pomerenian to stud. We will like to keep one of their baby. My JRT is a healthy, good temper JRT.Medium siz
Hi everyone, I have a Mini white female JRT (pure breed)almost 3years old. Looking for good looking male JRT for stud. Preferably white and must not be too big in size. My dog is very small. We would
Hi there i'm a 6 year old Parson jack russell looking to be a mom. My owner says that i'm fit to be one and i'm really keen too.. If your a handsome JackRussell finding a wife, Please approach me ya?
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Kindly contact me if you have a male american cocker spaniel ? Would like to mate my doggie.
Looking for female dog for mating services.
Hi..My female dog 4 yrs old, papillon cross, 50cm length with 5 kg is on heat right now.. I would like to seek a right male partner for her and hopefully to keep 1 female pup.. Rest of pups will be gi
2 year old Shiba Inu female , tan and red color looking for a mate.
Seeking for healthy, beautiful female sheltie, any colour but preferably sable or blue merle.
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Interested parties please call/sms/whatsapp 98453999/96669193
So hope the good gene can last for the next generation
1 and a half year old pure breed male corgi finding a female mate .