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Hi there i'm a 6 year old Parson jack russell looking to be a mom. My owner says that i'm fit to be one and i'm really keen too.. If your a handsome JackRussell finding a wife, Please approach me ya?
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Kindly contact me if you have a male american cocker spaniel ? Would like to mate my doggie.
I have a healthy and handsome male yellow labrador who is 4yrs old this year. He has extremely good temperament and is good with kids. Looking for a female yellow labrador from 2-4 yrs old for mating
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Hi All,My Ultimate Pleasure To Introduce My Male Cat:Name: FelixBreed: Mixed Breed of Persian/Maine CoonColour: Orange WhiteAge: 12 Months OldVaccinated Dewormed. Free From Fleas,Ticks Lies At H
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Looking for female dog for mating services.
Hi..My female dog 4 yrs old, papillon cross, 50cm length with 5 kg is on heat right now.. I would like to seek a right male partner for her and hopefully to keep 1 female pup.. Rest of pups will be gi
Interested parties please contact me for further details
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Looking for a male dog for mating
2 year old Shiba Inu female , tan and red color looking for a mate.
Seeking for healthy, beautiful female sheltie, any colour but preferably sable or blue merle.
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Interested parties please call/sms/whatsapp 98453999/96669193
So hope the good gene can last for the next generation
Red male toy poodle looking for a female red poodle
1 and a half year old pure breed male corgi finding a female mate .
Female Golden Retreiver wanted for mating with my 4 year old healthy golden retreiver
My family and i are pretty upset about our doggies not being able to have puppies now, and them aging makes us fear losing them very much.
Hi people, I'm currently looking for a female dog to breed with my males shih tzu mix.. He is nice & sweet, less bark unless stranger.. I was advised by the vet as it is good for his health too.