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Welcome to Snoopy-Doo Pet

We, at Snoopy-Doo Pet, are a group of
IPG and New York trained certified groomer !
With our years of experiences, our experts will have your dog looking their best !
At Snoopy-Doo Pet, we pride ourselves in our professional grooming skills and respecting your pets as family alike.

Groom your own dog !

For those who are into grooming your own dog or planning a career switch into the grooming industry, look no further !
We have grooming school offering Courses at beginners, intermediate and advance level.
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for more information and consultation.

Learn to Groom Your Own Pet
For you and your dog! This is an easy step-by-step course that includes instructions for any owner in brushing, dematting, bathing and fluffing, as well as ear and nail care for any breed. This fun session can save you considerable dollars in grooming fees and teaches You how to maintain your own pet. Also included is the finishing touches, equipment needed, grooming obedience and guidelines. Bring your pet along to class.

Basic Course
Includes the largest majority of pets that are seen in any grooming shop: terriers, cockers, long-haired breeds, poodles, toys, mixed breeds. Students learn proper pre-clipping, brushing, de-matting, bathing, fluff drying, the pattern setting, basic scissoring and finishing techniques. These participants cover anatomy, sanitation, skin disorders, parasites, plus some instruction on customer relations and record keeping over 8 weeks.

Advanced Course
This course is designed as a foundation for managing or owning a business. This is completed in an extra four (4) weeks (160 hours) as an extension of the Basic Course and after attaining some practical experience. High quality skills will be shared through advanced scissoring techniques, corrective styling, plus fine, delicate, creative orkmanship. Our business sector seminar covers marketing strategies, annual record keeping, and methods for continuous growth and development.

Test on theory as well as practical will be given at the end of the course. Upon graduation, certification of completion will be issued.

Snoopy Doo Pet - Dog Grooming Course Outline
Student will be taught the following:

  • Brushing
  • Dematting
  • Bathing

  • Ear cleaning
  • Nails trimming
  • Styling
  • Course Contents

  • Breeds recognition
  • Equipment usage and maintenance
  • Handling and control of dogs
  • Health, parasite and skin conditions
  • Shampoos and conditioner
  • Anatomy
  • Video emergency and CPR
  • Video on the poodle, bichon and terriers
  • Video on geomatrics of grooming

  • Learn to groom the double coated breeds and toy breeds
  • Learn to groom the center parted breeds
  • Learn to groom the spaniels
  • Learn to groom the poodles and bichon frise
  • Learn to groom the terriers
  • Learn to groom the mixed breeds
  • Scissoring, handstripping and carding procedure

  • Practical and written test
  • Graduation and presentation of Certicate

  • Note
    Printed diagram and notes on various breeds will be provided.

    Class Hours
    Full Time: Monday to Friday
    Class hour: 12 noon to 5pm


    Part Time: Saturday and Sunday
    Class Hour: 12 noon to 5pm

    Courses Conducted
    Professional dog grooming career course - 220 hours 8 weeks
    Intermediate dog grooming course - 150 hours 6 weeks
    Beginner dog grooming course - 75 hours 3 weeks
    Hobby class - 4 hours

    Class Sessions
    Maximum 4 students per session
    Enrollment subject to availability


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