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18, Pasir Ris Farmway 2, Singapore 519322
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We've been in this pet business for more than 20 years and we provide services like pet transportation, short/long term boarding, curing pet's skin problem, caring sick animal, long term caring of senior animals, PTS (put to sleep) critically ill animal by licenced vet, cremation, columbarium service etc.


Transportation of PETS
Grooming of PETS
Re-homing of unwanted PETS
Effective Control (Ticks)
PETS Boarding, Cattery & Intensive Nursing Care
PETS Cremation & Burial Services, Death Certification
Veterinary ambulance services
Blood tests, tumour tests, post mortem
Pet Obituary Services

All animals are kept individually in each kennel unless they're from the same owner (small or medium size only). The kennels are being washed twice daily and the dog is let out to run and play within the big enclosed compound three times a day.

Every animal will have to be given a compulsory flea and ticks protection before they're allowed to be boarded in our kennels as it'll prevent the place and other pets from being infested with such pest. Our kennels are 100% free from fleas or ticks.


We provide services like caring for any senior (old) animals under long term basis. Services include caring the old and sickly animal till they demise, this service is similar to old folks nursing home.


Animal lovers whose beloved pet had demised can be cremated by our cremation service plus special columbarium. It is part of a special service for these animal lovers who'll love to know that their beloved pet is resting in peace.





We provide 24 hours island-wide service-collection of dead animal for Cremation (ashes will be given back to the owner) or Simple Cremation (whereby the cremated ashes will be buried on a common burial ground).

Pet that is given the Cremation service is cremated individually and placed into beautiful urns with photo (provided by the owner) and return to the owner for keeping or they could choose to have it put in our special Columbarium.



18, Pasir Ris Farmway 2, Singapore 519322
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