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Puppy Gal

This cute little Singapore puppy gal (about 4-5 mths) was found a week ago (July 17).

Vaccinations: As she is only 5 months - partial vaccinations have been made

Worming: She has had her 1st monthly heartworm tablet Vet checked: In very healthy condition

Size: Little at the moment with quite long legs- adult size unknown.

Toilet trained: partial (needs some training but getting better) Basic training: needs some training but relatively obedient

This puppy is a real sweetie. Very cute, playful & affectionate. She has a short coat with a unique little ridge on her back (like a small mohawk). I haven't seen a local dog with a small ridge before so very unique. She seems to be well natured & gets along so great with our big dog. She loves being near you & will climb up onto your lap.

Enquiries & contact details can be made now to or phone 9111-2076.