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We are a team of Dynamic Videographer / Photographer with at least 13 years of experiences. We are specialize in Corporate Film Making, Actual Day Wedding shooting, Birthdays and etc.

We only uses Professional Video equipments as well as High End video editing system which ensure a perfect results.
Due to the fast growing technology, Mid / Low end video equipments are easily within the reach for amateurs/students, therefore you cant afford to have a re-shoot taken.

All our Video man assigned on the actual day were no Rookies. We will be providing 2 videographer ( main & supports ) for the price package of one. This is to ensure no mistakes or equipment failure resulting unrecoverable consequences. 

Most couples feel that their wedding day goes by in a blur and that they do not remember the finer details of the celebrations. Things like guests' outfits, the bridesmaid's giggles and the way the guests laughed at the groom's speech can get missed in the excitement. Also, the bride and groom are often in one place for a long time, while having photographs taken for example, and may miss some lovely moments elsewhere. A video is an excellent way of capturing these details, allowing the couple and their guests to relive the event in quieter moments for years to come.

If having a high quality video of your wedding is important to you and you have the budget, you should employ a professional videographer. Each videographer has their own particular style and no two wedding videos will be the same. As well as styles varying, so do prices.

There is no standard charge for professional videographers. You will find that prices range from a few hundred dollars, for part-time professionals using semi-professional equipment, to a few thousand dollars for the most experienced videographers that use broadcast quality equipment and employ several camera operators and crew. Like most things in life, you usually get what you pay for.

So call us now & we will make your Wedding day a Sweet & Memorable one !!
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