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I am influenced by design & intoxicated with creativity. Constantly innovating & changing. Adapting to resources and availability makes me think. Making the most out of a situation & blending styles are what I revel in and enjoy the most!

From the general to the surreal, every image is looked at with various possibilities and functionalities. I like to experiment, conjur up, take apart & put back. I enjoy creating with limitations. After all, it makes one think more!

Have worked alongside other photographers as well as on simple projects and commercial work. From portraiture to portfolio developments to stock and digital imaging, I have crossed platforms and boundaries that are ever addictive and detrimental to my experience.

Under my designer brain, I am still very much a photographer. A normal photographer who works primarily with digital capture and imaging. Expanding when I can, absorbing where possible, adapting where needed and listening to whats important. I work with the sole-end objective in mind & that is to get the image.

I do:
 - Bridal & wedding photography
 - Portraits & lifestyle photography
 - Fashion & beauty photography
 - Artistic & illustrative photography

To view my wedding photography works, please visit my website at
Alternatively, you can contact Timothy at