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- Bringing a stimulating new dimension to life's most photographed affair -


Solemnization . Journalistic . Studio Photo. Wedding . Events . Corporate . Private . Overseas . Fashion . Photography Courses and


No fanciful classroom with rows of desk or big organisation building with heavy-weight name, simply one to one or with your buddy with full attention. You don't need to own an expensive camera to start off, but a keen interest and committment is a must. No lengthy or dreadful session of what you already know, simply the essence of what you need to know. An lifelong investment that will take you to places.


Get your buddy or friends to start, rates quote are minimum 2 to start or add 50% for 1 to 1

Basic Photography Course (5 hours):
$500 (2.5 hours x 2 or one straight session)
1: Understanding digital photography
2: Understanding exposure
3: Shutter
4: Aperture
5: Creative Composition
6: Outdoor location x 1

Adobe Photoshop
$300 (2 hours) Basic editing skill (must have laptop pre-load with adobe photoshop CS3 or photoshop 7:
1: Cropping
2: Highlight (burning/dodging)
3: Enhancement (contrast/hue/satuation)
4: Merging (working with layels)
5: Facial editing (cloning/healing brush)

Professional preparation course

$10,000 (6 months course) with assignment/attachment and build up foundation/portfolio to be an independent wedding/journalistic photographer, including backroom production, adobe photoshop, albums and all trade secret in this lucrative industry.

Contact: 90296767