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Pioneers of Kettlebell Training in Singapore and South-East Asia


Kettlebells are simply iron balls of varying weights, each with a handle attached. Sounds like no big deal, but various world-class athletes and strongmen have trained with them since the 1900s to give them that extra edge. So who uses kettlebells now to dominate the competition? Special Forces like the Russian Spetnaz and US Secret Service Counter Assault Team, Force Recon Marines and FBI's Hostage and Rescue Team train with them so that they can beat the bad guys harder. Kettlebells have enabled fighters such as 5-time Ultimate Fighting Champion Frank Shamrock and Undisputed World Super Lightweight Boxing Champion Kostya Tszyu to wipe the floor with their opponents. Renowed strength coach Louie Simmons of the famed Westside Barbell Club and his powerlifers have been blasting their way to ever-heavier record lifts, thanks to kettlebells. Even celebrities such as Sylvester Stallone and Penelope Cruz use them to keep themselves in tip-top screen shape. And of course, there are plenty of others out there in the world who are simply enjoying the real benefits of kettlebells, whether it's fat loss, building muscle, rehabilitating injuries or just plain old toughening up.
How will I benefit?
Want some muscle? You will pack on the pounds! Got kilos to shed? See them burn away! Stiff, cranky and having backaches all the time? Feel your joints unlock and your backaches disappear! Having nagging injuries? Heal them in double quick time!
Who should train with kettlebells?
Are you looking to take your first step into extreme fitness? Or are you looking to take it to the next level? It doesn't matter whether you're big or small, young or old, strong or weak, fat or skinny, male or female. It doesn't matter if you've trained all your life or have never trained anything in your life. Kettlebells will make you a better person regardless! 
So why should I train with kettlebells?
Why should you pick up kettlebells? If you're looking for a simple, efficient and effective means of building muscle, size and strength, boosting speed and explosiveness, increasing endurance and flexibility, or simply cutting that flab from your tummy, all without having to waste fruitless hours in the gym, look no further. Regardless of your goals, kettlebells will help you achieve them!
Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn how about this training phenomenon that is currently revolutionizing athlete training programs throughout the United States!
Instructor Portfolio
Jonathan Boey has been a U.S. Certified Kettlebell Instructor since 2004.
He conducts classes at:
Optimum Performance Fitness Centre (TEL:64385686)
#03-01 38 Carpenter Street, S'pore 059917
Every Saturday 3-4pm
Fees are $20 per 1hr session or $150 for 10 1hr sessions
For enquiries, please email 
Photos used by permission of DragonDoor Publications, Inc
1-3 Years