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-http://www.optimumperformance.com.sg/index.htm O ptimum Performance are the leaders in the health and fitness industry with no gimmicks, no false claims. Just real results based on actual scientific
Hurry ! The first 50 callers will get FREE Two Personal Training Sessions* * Subject to Term & Conditions Geeson is internationally certified with this FISAF certification as a Personal Trainer /
Pioneers of Kettlebell Training in Singapore and South-East Asia www.sgkbfitness.com Introduction Kettlebells are simply iron balls of varying weights, each with a handle attached. Sounds like no big
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________________________________________ -Tone and Lose Fats- ________________________________________ About… A personal trainer who will come to you, assess your fitness and train you to optimum fit
Buyer Beware: Many of he weight loss offers you see advertised are outright scams or involove the use of dangerous drugs. To learn about 14 most poweful secrets to weight loss and maximum fitness in
Our Unique CPG Program The golf swing puts an unusually high demand on the body. Back, elbow, wrist, hip and knee pain, are the most common physical complaints among golf professional and recreationa
With good nutrition and personal wellness coach to help you loss weight.
Rebel Boot Camp, is an outdoor fitness programme incorporating aspects of military training, sports conditioning, speed, agility, strength, balanced with a fair amount of fun, mud and friendship.
Having problems trying to lose weight ? Do you need proper guide and coaching to reach your fitness goals? Fear not,help is here.Hi,I'm Azrie a highly qualified and experience Fitness Coach.Personal
Skateline is a business set up to promote inline skating as a safe, fun and healthy lifestyle activity for all. Our philosophy encompasses meeting the needs of skaters. We do this by ensuring that th
Introducing..... Physique Makeover's Proprietary Weight Loss Systems -------------------------------------------------------- Extreme Fat Burn System What if You Could Lose Weight , Burn Off Body Fat
Have a new year resolution to get in shape for 2013? Email for free fitness assessment today!
BODY SKULPTZ PERSONAL TRAINING Create a new look , a new image , a new YOU ! PROGRAMS Private In-Home Training Personalised Workout Routine customised to fit your goals and needs Individualised Nutri
Body Skulptz is a group of professional fitness trainers managed by Muthu Kumar, a Singapore Sports Council certified fitness coach with over 12 years of experience in the fitness industry.
Can't seem to reach your fitness goals? I'm here to help! Fat loss and Toning programs Muscle and weight gain programs Fitness for General Wellbeing Cardio boxing Resistance training Inhome, outdoor
Specialised Programs in Muscle Toning, Body Building, Fat Loss, Strength Training and Stretching. Training can be done at Outdoor & Indoor, Condo GYM & also at Orchard GYM. Orchard GYM no nee