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Body temple specialises in pre and post natal training, fat loss and strength for women only in an all women environment.

Our services include personal training, nutrition and health consulting, group fitness classes, pre/post natal exercise care and time conscious training focused at mothers and corporate executives with restricted schedules.

Body Temple meets the needs of women seeking holistic personal training, combined with health and nutritional guidance.

Body Temple Personal Training will provide you with:

- Weight loss
- Increased physical strength
- Increased stamina and cardiovascular fitness
- Increased physical self awareness
- Nutritional guidance and planning
- Better overall lifestyle habits and practices

Why does Body Temple Personal Training get real results?

- Weekly sessions geared towards meeting your individual needs at times that suit you.
- Proven methods specifically created for the female body.
- Body Benchmarking to establish baseline and track progress.
- Eating journals and dietary plans.
- Combined training / consultation sessions.
- Small group classes designed to accelerate results.
- Network opportunities with other like-minded women.
- Bi-Monthly newsletters to provide you with the latest information from the international fitness industry.

Contact us @ 91008714 or visit our website @