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Welcome to THE Cage – Singapore’s First Indoor Soccer Stadium.

With four 5-a-side pitches (or 4-a-side if you have the lungs and legs), The Cage is providing a new form of soccer entertainment never before available in Singapore.

    We’ve all suffered from it – you want to give the game your all but the unforgiving sun or heavy rains dampens the football spirits.

No more!

The weather will never stop you. Only nasty defenders on the other team will.

Imagine this: Your team’s a goal down and only seconds left. Between you and a shot on goal are 2 clumsy defenders. You know what you have to do – and you know you can do it. You play it in your heads – you’re gonna shift your body weight on one leg, look the other and with the flick of your heels you will scoop the ball over their heads, run around and volley the ball home. The crowd will go crazy, the babes will throw themselves at you and you da man!


Not at the cage!


You can execute all the tricks in your arsenal without worrying about the pitch.


Safety is also a big concern to us. But with our FIFA and UEFA endorsed artificial turfs the only real concern is if you lose your head during the game. The turf will take care of the rest.


At The Cage football can be played how it was meant to – beautifully!

What do you – a serious football fan want to do after watching a great game of football? You want to relive the great moments you’ve witnessed and prove to yourself (and all watching) that actually you’re just as good.

 So after United beat Chelsea you want to show the world that you are as good as Rooney – it’s just that you were never given the opportunity.

Now, you don’t have any options. The only thing there is to do after watching a great EPL game is prata.

No more - The cage is 24hours. You can play anytime. Just tell the prata man that you will come by much later.

In a nutshell, the cage will introduce a new brand of football in Singapore

38 Jalan Benaan Kapal.                                                           

Singapore 399635

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38 Jalan Benaan Kapal,Singapore 399635