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Selling Sadhana Sanctuary 2yr+3wk membership package. Activated 4 Aug 2014 expires 30 Aug 2016. Unlimited number of classes in the package. Can use for hot & normal yoga & pilates. Price negotiable =)
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Looking for someone who can take up my Real Yoga membership with unlimited access to all branches and classes expiring on 1 Aug 2015. Contact me 81205717
JourneyDance combines yoga, Tai Chi, QiGong, and other forms of conscious dance (5 Rhythms, Nia) into a heart-opening flow. Experience this form of movement that will set yourself free!
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Iyengar Yoga Workshop with James Murphy Day 1: Use of chair and ropes Whether you re new to yoga or have limited range of motion, balance, flexibility, use of chair in yoga allows you to stre
2X Platinum Yoga Memberships for SaleMy mum and I are selling our Platinum Yoga memberships (Marine Parade). Hot yoga, pilates, hatha yoga...and more!Price: $140 per monthAccount 1. Expiration: Oct 20
cheap True Yoga membership is on sale
Weight Loss & Body Aches Pilates Workshops on the Rooftop
Buying*True Yoga and Fitness all access (preferably black card) membership
Selling Bikram Yoga Membership at Pacific Plaza expiring November 2014.
Due to leave Singapore, I am looking for someone who can take up my Real Yoga membership at Orchard CentrePoint with unlimited access to all classes expiring on 8 Nov. 2014.
Great for those who want to try a few session out at more affordable price.
Yog. is a multi-label store in Singapore specialising in Yoga Apparel. In yoga terminology, “to yoke” is to unify.
We stress the importance of physical execution of movements with precision for the sake of safety, efficiency and obtaining the results that you want as a client who practices Pilates with us.
We offer a diverse range of hot yoga classes - Hot Hatha, Hot Hom, Hot Flow, which are taught by internationally trained and world-class yoga teachers from all over the world.
A calm atmosphere and sunny environment helps create an ideal frame of mind to maximise the benefits of your workout. Contact us now!
irisula means Trident in Sanskrit. The trident represent the 3 gunas (qualities) existing within us and nature.
We believe there’s always a reason behind every action.You are expected to set yourself free, relax and have fun.
Our team takes great pride in creating a boutique Pilates studio where you can enjoy a great Pilates workout in intimate and comfortable surroundings.
Whoever you are, wherever you are, let’s breathe! Everyone takes their first breath of life the moment they enter this world. Contact us now!
From our breathtaking panoramic view of lush greenery to our fully equipped shower and changing facilities in our Pilates studio, it is an experience you won't forget. Contact us now!