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Wanting a career in the exciting world of travel and tourism? Well you've come to the right place! We specialise in travel and tourism courses. Whether you are just about to leave school, are thinking about a career change or returning to work, travel and tourism can offer you a challenging role in an exciting industry.
What is Travel & Tourism?
Travel and tourism, whether domestic or international, are rapidly growing activities in many countries. The essential part of travel is transportation, but tourism comprehends, in addition, accommodation and the other facilities and attractions provided as the result of such travel, i.e. it relates to the activities of tourists. The travel industry is also regarded as a service industry, as ‘that part of the national economy which caters for the traveller who is visiting places outside the locality where he resides or works. It is a heterogeneous group, embracing a large variety of trades and industries which have the supplying of travellers’ needs as their common function
LCCI Level 2 Certificate - Travel & Tourism
Dynamics of Tourism
  • Inbound & outbound tourism
  • Main characteristics of some major tourist destination
  • Climate & landscape in attracting tourism
  • Transport networks & links
  • Deterrents to people travelling
  • Interpret tables & diagrams
The Impact of Tourisms
  • Inbound & outbound tourism
  • Social impact
  • Effects on culture
  • Effects on local environment
  • Effects of tourism development
Tourist Motivation
  • Family composition
  • Personality, age, race, & gender on types of tourism
  • Role of special interests
  • Influence on transport, accomodation & destinations
Skills for key sectors of the Travel & Tourism industry
  • Customer relations & communications skills
  • Personal qualities & benefits of teamwork of the industry employees
  • Range of Information skills
  • Specific workplace skills
Cambridge International Diploma In Travel & Tourism
The Travel & Tourism Industry
  • Structure of International Travel & Tourism Industry
  • Social, Cultural, Economic & Environmental Impacts
  • National Government Tourism Policies & Promotions
  • Patterns of Demand
Features of Worldwide Destinations
  • IThe Main Global Features
  • Time Zones & Climates
  • Travel & Tourism Destinations
  • Attractions
Customer Care & Working Procedures
  • Dealing with Customors & Colleagues
  • Personal skills
  • Handling enquiries
  • Reference & Information
  • Presentation & Promotion
Travel & Tourism Products & Services
  • Tourism products & ancillary services
  • Roles of Tour Operators & Travel Agents
  • Facilities for Travel & Tourism
  • Worldwide Transport to Major International Routes
Marketing & Promotion
  • Role & Function of Marketing & Promotion
  • Market Segmentation & Targetting
  • Product / Marketing Mix
  • Price / Marketing Mix
  • Place / Marketing Mix
  • Promotion / Marketing Mix
Travel Organisation
  • Travel Providers
  • Methods of Travel
  • Sources of Information
  • Ancillary Travel Services
  • Planning a Travel Itinerary

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