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About Raymond

How did u begin as a photographer?
 - I took a photography course during my school days.
I then decided that photography is my life n pursue
my passion in it.

Beside courses, where do u advance ur skills?
 - Everyone has to start somewhere. I work
for various commercial photographer as an assistant.
And homed my skills by seeing n asking the masters.

How many years you have been on your own?
 - To be exact, 4 yrs. But i have been free-lancing
for a couple of years before i turn full-time.

What sort of jobs you have handled so far?
 - Corporate Events, Product photography,
fashion makeover, Bridal photography n nature.

What do you prefer shooting, fashion or bridal?
 - I love shooting both, as long as its alive...

When you look thru the lens what are you trying to
 - I want to make the subject feel as comfortable as

Where are you trying to go with your photography?
 - I am trying to be more creative in my style. And
photograph the subject in their most relax moment.

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