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Posted by Tommy Leong
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Yes, that's how I approach each assignments and that's
how I shoot too. While most photographers would need to
keep one eye closed while they view through the camera, I
have developed a way of keeping both eyes opened.

This way of keeping both eyes open enable me to keep an
awareness of things around me. so often in a wedding,
there are so many planned and unplanned things going
on. Spontaneity of weddings makes it so much more

Its hard to re-create, even if we try, the spontaneous
expression of the guests as the wedding couple marches
in, the moment the mother realises her daughter is leaving
home or the tender moment of the couple in a quiet

Such are the moments that makes my work truly
worthwhile and lasting.

To view my wedding photography works, please visit my
website at

Alternatively, you can contact me at 91396395.