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I provide photo-editing services for any photos which you have. Below is a list of editing which can be done:

Basic Editing:
- adjustment of color/brightness
- more vibrant colors
- clearing of blemishes on skin
- whitening of teeth
- "red eye" correction
- conversion to black & white
- conversion to sepia

Complete Editing:
- change lipstick color
- strengthen blusher color
- removal of stray hairs
- blue colored sky
- slimming of face/body
- removal of objects in pictures

Advanced Editing:
- digital plastic surgery (face reshaping)
- enhanced skin smoothness

Any combination of steps may be used according to your request. Prices for "basic" editing start from $50 per photo, while prices for "basic+complete" editing start from $80 per photo.

Should you have any special photos which you feel you would like to have edited, do feel free to contact me.