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Mdm Tang is a pioneer in World Trade Centre Artists' Corridor.A graduate of the Nanyang Fine Arts Academy, she is an expert with various art, music and handicraft skills. Mdm had been clinching awara
CHINESE CALLIGRAPHY Chinese cultural civilization’s 4000 years of history has produced different periods of artistic achievements but with a continuous thread that links each dynastic period. T
We Are Willing to Offer High Pricefor Antique Chinese Painting and Calligraphy etc.本公司愿高价收购古、近代名家书画、碑帖近期(04/2014) 特别收购以下画家作品:王明明、史国良、白伯骅、冯远、范曾、杨彦、金默如等 白雪石高劍父林風眠錢慧安王福厂袁松年BAI XUESHIGAO JIANFULIN FENGMIA