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Over the span of 130 years, the “Y” continues to grow from strength to strength and has not given up its role as a catalyst, whether it is in the area of educating women, providing child c
Nurture Craft Education Group is involved in the following activities: • Supply of Educational Products • Franchising of Educational Services • Magazine distribution • Retail fran
On behalf of our staff at The Learning Ladder and Schoolhouse By The Bay, we welcome you to the 2007 school year. Like new beginnings, there is always uncertainty, but change means growth. Our growth
Working on Academic, Cognitive, Social, Emotional and Physical skills Our programme is designed to ensure that children develop cognitive, social and emotional skills. The social and emotional well b
About Carpe Diem Childcare Resort Carpe Diem Childcare Resort was established in 1 September 2005. The owners and parents were simply captured by the wonderful seaside environment that was provided a
Our founder; Mrs Rachel Ding, ex banker for 15 years finally decided to pursue her secret passion to start her preschool dream in 2004. Red SchoolHouse was established in June 2004, representing the
Soliano Academy for Learning Programmes for children& the young at heart Life is not about career success or financial success.. To us, life is about family, friends and love Our programmes: Clic
Nurture Craft Pte Ltd is a full-service educational company established in 1992 operating in Singapore and Malaysia. Nurture Craft aims to be a community centered business that can positively influen
Our school and curriculum was founded upon the principles and experience of a well-respected figure in the field of early childhood education in 1993.
We run a range of preventive, restorative and developmental programmes and services that are designed to fight delinquency among children and youths. We believe that youth offending is the product of
It all began about 30 years ago, when Mrs Sam's children became interested to read and write. Determined to match their learning capabilities with an ideal literacy programme, Mrs Sam endeavoured to
Over the span of 130 years, the “Y” continues to grow from strength to strength and has not given up its role as a catalyst, whether it is in the area of educating women, providing child
We offer infant care services for infants from 2 to 18 months, and is carefully structured around three central elements: relationships, experiences and routines.
We ensure that our children develop a genuine zest for knowledge with a positive attitude towards learning.
Academy Kidz is a full-day pre-school “Where Little People Do BIG Things ... With CONFIDENCE”
Towards Excellence in Care, Education and Services Kinderland provides quality infant and child care services, bilingual preschool education and premier student care services to children 2 months to
Crestar Education Group is a leading provider of infant and child care services, preschool education, enrichment and adult education programmes in the region. With a network of more than 20,000 stude
MILK , through programmes such as the Pathlight Bursary , Healthy Start , LIFE (Learning is Fun and Exciting) etc., helps children from disadvantaged homes gain access to early childhood education th
Experienced trainer for workplace literacy programme offering personalized guidance for chinese-speaking executives and professionals who want to improve their English for better performance at work.
Child Care and Preschool Education With strong emphasis on total development of the child, Kinderland preschools and child care centres provide a sound academic curriculum in preparing students for f