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My husband and I have always loved a labrador. Since we moved into a terrace house from a HDB flat, we can't wait to adopt one. We hope to find a pure bred lab, female, less than 2 years old, brown o
Max (french mastiff) He is 4 - 5 years old, extremely affectionate, gentle (gets along with house cats and small dogs like chihuahua) and still playful. He sleeps a lot and does not require a lot of
Pure breed Jap Spitz from Aust. He is currently 6yrs old. No health problems and neutured. Only problem he have is bad gums, so need regular brushing. He is very very well behaved. Outdoor trained. W
Hiyee people! i don't know is it right or wrong thing to create such a thread... but i sincerely wanna urge all dogs lover to really think it through while you may wanna buy a dog. I've a neighbour w
Hi, i would like to adopt a husky pup. Prefer to be newborn or not more than 5 months old. I am staying in a landed property, so can breed husky. Price must include vaccination of dog. Anyone putting
Braun isabout 7-8 months old. He was found at a construction site. For the past 2 months, he has beenout into a foster home. Now, he is in akennelhoping for a forever home. Braun is a happy dog. He i
I have a 11mths month old golden retriever for adoption. She has dark golden brown fur and is neutered a couple of months back. She has a very pleasant personality, likes to play with both dogs and h
Pls help my 8 -10 mths old black mongrel to find a good home for her.. she's really a nice girl and she's well behaved.. not barking much and not spoiling things too.. she understand d command sit, c
i found her some where around my block . but i cant keep her as i got a baby at home .so now i wanna find her a new home .. interested please call 81319201 eileen thanks
Hi, I am looking into adopting a dog. Preferably a Male. I am interested to adopt either of the following:- Yorkshire Terrier / Husky / Mini Schnauzer / Toy Poodle / King Charles Cavalier / Beagle /
Love Me Love My Dog is not just about training dogs but we introduce singles and non-attached, men and women, women and women, men and men and lonely elderly to share, to learn and to meet someone th
Puppy Gal This cute little Singapore puppy gal (about 4-5 mths) was found a week ago (July 17). Vaccinations: As she is only 5 months - partial vaccinations have been made Worming: She has had her 1s
hi, i have a medium sized, mixed breed dog, female dog up for adoption. she is about two years old and she is a real sweet heart. we've had her since we just came and we are moving to another country
3 (three) dogs to give away for FREE 1) Mixed Breed - Male 3 years old (sterilized) Brown / Black color 2) Mixed Breed - Female 3 years old (sterilized) Black color 3) Mixed Breed - Female 5 years ol
Hi guys, Need some help here...I'd appreciate it greatly if you would help to foward this msg to your friends. I found this female mongrel on the PIE during peak traffic at the start of the year with
Hi Everyone out there, This is Sheila here. I would like to adopt a Yorkshire Terrier for me and my familymembers. Weare all dog loversand would like to extend our family.If you have one pls call me
Rudy This adorable six-month-old female mongrel seeks a loving home. Current owner has to give her up because of family objections. She has gorgeous, caramel-brown fur, and a unique stretch of raised
1.5 yr old female lab mix urgently seeking a new home. She has been vaccinated and micro-chipped. Healthy and gets along well with children and other dogs. Understands some basic commands. Was re-hom
Are you looking for Schnauzer puppy ?Due to unable keep all puppies, we are offering low price to all dog lovers. Both parents is Taiwan blood line. Call me at 9731 2213 or email at jordanpeh98@hotma
Have this jack russell for adoption. Picture above. Aged 3 years old Kindly contact me for further information at 96902131, Derrick. Thanks!