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Fish Tank with Arowana Fish for Sale 2 Feet double Fish Tank with Arowana fish for Sale. Complete with light, stand, filter and electric pump. Enquiries : Please call 93863460
22cm golden-pearl arowana fish... Contact me via email then we can discuss abt it. (for pick up only). I will be happy with S$110.00,but we can discuss then.... Email me at bapcai2904@yahoo.com
Hey everyone, i have a arowana fish for sale.It also comes with a tank. Looking for somenone who loves to breed arowana. Interested please contact me at 94561325 . Thank you.
SUPPER RED AND OTHER AROWANA FISHES AVAILABLE FOR SALE We supply live Arowana fishes of all kinds,we have Super Red,Red Asian Arowana,jardini Arowana,Chili Red,Golden Arowana and others etc... Each eq
High quality Arowana fishes for sale,We have available Grade A Asian Red,Super Red,Chili Red,RTG,Golden X Back and many others High quality Arowana fishes for sale,We have available Grade A Asian Red
Top Quality 24k Golden, Red arowana, Rtg, Super red, Asian Red arowana fish for sale We have available and supply quality Tropical and Fresh water fish like, Supper Red Arowana fish.Chili Arowana Fis
Hi, i've got a 14 inch arowana for sale. It is red in color, and will get the certificate too. I am selling it at $380. Contact me if you are interested in getting the arowana. My hp-90841313, my ema
Arowana (Dragon Fish) selling at $2500-negotiable Letting go at $2500 negotiable due to moving house. Fish inc 5ft fish tank and others... Call to know more detail. Hp at 81983889
A 5 inches Golden Red arowana for sale Price is $488. No defect at all... Interested buyer pls call or sms 96201613.
selling 3 yrs old arowana and 3 mata puteh bird (bai yan quan in chinese) with all the necessary things included. (the cage and fish tank) cage and fish tank are in a very good condition. fish tank i
Have got a red arowana for sale. Red Arrowana for sale with 5FT Tank Red Arrowana with 5ft Tank and Panda Cert for Sale. 2 years old 18 inches. Still useable. Contact me at my hp 96806025 if you are
Age: 1 yr ++ Comes with a cert, cash & carry. Email me for price & size enquire. NOT FOR FUZZY & FRICKLE BUYER!! SIMPLE RULES TO FOLLOW: for purchaser u need to bank in 50% of the buy pri
Selling due to work commitment I am selling my 24 inches blood red arowana for $16,800 neg. Fish without any defects. Comes with Qian Hu Certificate. For serious buyer, please call or email me for mo
15" Grade 1 Red Asian Arowana, Wajok Chilli Red Pictures here: http://www.arofanatics.com/members/ hideyoshi13/wajokchillired15dec07/ Also known as dragon fish. Tagged Nov 2007. Currently 15&quo
Selling my green arowanas. I have 5 pieces of green arowanas. Good size and shape. Selling at only $88.00 each. Cash on delivery. Pls call me at 98523052 . Prepare your tank. All my aros come with ce
For sale. . . Beautiful arowana fish from Quian Hu. Won 1st runner up for arrowana fish competition. Full grow with perfect body. Perfect for breeder. Owner need to go oversea ... need someone else t
Intense Gold and Blue Base RTG for sale Aro is more than 4 years old. Size is about 18 inches. Tag date is 26.03.2004 Price is $888 nett and fixed. Diet is PM and Superworm. Now given free 6 in. Indo
GOLD HB AROWANA 4 SALES Golden High Back Arowana for sales Golden High Back Arowana for sales due to other commitments size: 16 - 18 inch Interested parties, please call/sms mobile: 98579801
Selling of my custom made tank and arowana. Hi bro, I am selling of my aro ( tong yan cross back) is a about 1 year old, and i am selling of my custom made tank 5ft by 2-1/2feet, the tank come with t