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Top Quality 24k Golden, Red arowana, Rtg, Super red, Asian Red arowana fish for sale We have available and supply quality Tropical and Fresh water fish like, Supper Red Arowana fish.Chili Arowana Fis
We are exporter and breeder of tropical Aquarium live fish, we supply best quality arowana fishes and Freshwater Sing Ray fishes of all type/pecie.
We have properly farmed Asian dragon fishes of varieties available for sale at competitively moderate prices. contact us for details .(info.thailini@gmail.com)
Fire Red Arrowana Fishfor cheap sale it has a slightswim bladder problem . Only for those whois willing to take care of the fish. Please give me an offer.I will let go it.
Hey everyone, i have a arowana fish for sale.It also comes with a tank. Looking for somenone who loves to breed arowana. Interested please contact me at 94561325 . Thank you.