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Your dog needs regular grooming. Just as you feel better when you are clean and healthy, your dog will, too. Good grooming will help keep her healthy. Start when the puppy is very young so it becomes
Regular grooming does more than keep your dog looking his handsome best. It also promotes his good health. Grooming gives you an opportunity to observe your dog’s natural, healthy appearance. Y
Technically, dog grooming will have to be applied in many different ways, in case-to-case basis, depending on the breed of dog, etc. You can't expect to always comb or brush the fur of a Chihuahua or
Regular grooming is an essential aspect in your dog's health care. There are various types of brushes and combs designed for your dog, no matter what type of hair coat it has. Almost all dogs enjoy b
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http://mydogtrainer.multiply.com Course Objectives To ensure that owners understand what a dog is so that it will minimize frustration in owning a dog and maximize the joy of owning a dog To teach ow
About Us In Training Science, we are different from the conventional behavior training: we believe that for us to teach our dogs to behave appropriately, instead of training with a method (either ind
BEST FRIENDS DOGGY & KITTY SALON CUM LEARNING CENTRE Confused what to do whenever your dog misbehave or simply not able to get your message across to your puppy/dog. Let us assist you in your goa
Obedience Training Classes Basic Obedience Classes are complete with a lifetime of free "brush up" lessons. Basic Courses will cover behavioral correction towards excessive barking, jumping on people
About Us The German Shepherd Dog Club of Singapore (GSDC) was founded in 1982. We are members of the World Union of German Shepherd Dog Clubs (WUSV) and affiliated with the Singapore Kennel Club (SKC
About Us At Training Science, we understand for communications to begin, we have to know the language that is use in the communication. Our dog will never understand the human language, it is, theref
Waggie's Pet Care offers the most successfuldog obedience programs available in Singapore since 1985. Our trainer, Patrick Wong have over 25 years of experience in conducting obedience classes of all
Fun Dog Obedience Training Class No Choker ! No Harsh Method! No pain ! Pure Fun & Enjoyable to owner & dog ! New class: 16th Aug 10-11am Venue: Bishan Park Fees: $280 ( 6 lessons x 1hr ) Fre
SitStayFetch Is The No. 1 Dog Training And Behavior Product On The Net And Has Been For Over 2 Years. *Do you have a generally disobedient dog? *Does your dog embarrass you in public? *Are you sick o
Obedience training is primarily two things: Establishing and promoting a proper relationship between you and your dog A way of communicating so that your dog understands your commands and those comma
About Us In business since 1998, Pet Essentials brings you the best mix of premium quality and variety, complemented by knowledgeable, friendly service. As pet owners, you are spoilt for choice these
Started in 2008, Club4Paws strives to be a top dog-care centre in Singapore. Driven by a common vision of having dog owners enjoy the company of their fury friends throughout their life-time, a group
Introduction DOGS Training in Singapore came in various methods and ways. It depends on individual what kind of achievement and environment they want to train their dogs. In DR~DOGS.COM, we conduct o
DinoBoy Need help in training your naughty doggies? Bring them down to DinoBoy and our professionals will teach you how to train your beloved companions into a very obedient and friendly pet! In our