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Australian Shepherd Dogs for adoption
Dogs For Adoption To Good Home. Dear kind people, can anyone adopt this dog. Pls. call me at 96391762.
Jack Russell and silky terrier I have two dogs, a male jack russell age 4 and a female silky terrier age 3. Any dog's lover who wish to adopt my dogs, pls call me @93662291 or 92236631. Mrs Lee.
Name: Wang Wangand Sin Sin and Scooby Age: about 1 years. Breed: Singapore Specials ( Mutts ) Colour: Golden Brownand Black and Black Tan Gender: Females Sociable: but abit untrained They are found s
Status: For Adoption Breed: Local Breed Gender: Female Age: 1 year 10 months old Health: Very Healthy Personality: Energetic and playful. Great with people and are very friendly. History: Found them
Abandoned dogs left to fend for themselves in and around Singapore by irresponsible pet owners. Please give them a 2nd chance in life, a loving home and a place in your heart. Many breeds from mongre
HEALTH: Excellent. Vaccinated (first second set of shots). No heartmurmur. No worms. No fleas ticks.TEMPERAMENT: Gentle nature, very affectionate, playful, easy-going,loving companion for childre
Sundae (right) & Cookie (left) Color: Brown / Black and small patch of white. Status: Both are brothers and very close to one another Age: both are 1.5 yrs old History: Being adopted when they ar
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We have cats and kittens who are anxiously looking for responsible and caring pet owners! We have a medium sized; brown coloured dog (Approximately 1 Year old) Up for adoption. She is of a local bree
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Dear All Dog Lovers, I have 4 very lovely looking local breed dogs that I would like to put up for adoption. Two of themare black in colour and the other twoare brown and white in colour. If you are
dog  |  local  |  breed  |  mongrel  |  dog
Dear All Dog Lovers,I have two 2 year old local breed dogs that I would like to put up for adoption. The both of them are black in colour and they are in excellent health.They were found around my ho
local  |  breed  |  dog  |  dog  |  dog
Active Jack Russell for adoption, experience dog owner is preferred. Interested party, pls call JF @ 9 6 3 6 4 0 7 5
Due to work commitment + personal reasons have to give up them up unwillingly. Hope to find a good home for them. Below are the conditions : 1. Must adopt both of them. (They are good brothers and sa
Brown Male English Cocker Spaniel for adoption. Active and requires special attention on sensitive skin. Please email for more details. cassloh@hotmail.com
Mini Schnauzer Fit n Healthy. Only allergy to chicken. Understand basic command, paper train, vaccinated. Only sincere dog lover please. Please contact or sms 94245336.
Two lovely dogs for adoption Sterilised & licensed LUCKY: White Male 10 months Old License No. D200229C Microchip No. 702055550005231 Breed: Japanese Spitz Cross Sex: Sterilised Male ANGEL. White
Hi all! very sad thing to say but i've gotta put up 2 of my housemate's dogs for adoption as my landlord posted restrictions in keeping the dogs now... they are bro and sis and is around 2 and a half
bull dogs for adoption contact on email for details (zmaria513@gmail.com )
Hi, our GR is 3 and half years old is ready to be a father. He is really handsome, adorable, friendly and loving. If anyone has a female retriever or any breeds that is big enough for compatibility, w