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Shambhala Yoga Centre #06-05 Forum The Shopping Mall Tel: 735 2163 Fax: 735 2993 run several different types of yoga class. One is specifically designed for pregnant women and is very gentle. It is s
At All About Yoga, we are dedicated to providing a holistic experience that will inspire you to practise yoga as an art of living. Our instructors, highly qualified and experienced in teaching the ar
True Yoga was established in November 2004 and is Singapore’s largest Yoga centre operating 2 centres spanning over 34,000 sq ft with 10 Yoga Studios. Our Ocean Towers at Raffles Place, spannin
Feeling stressed out after a day's of work? Craving for some relaxation of those aching muscles ? California Fitness' latest yoga workshop may just be able to offer you some rejuvenation after anothe
Finding Yoga Classes in Singapore ? Try it out at Sadhana Yoga. We are a group of Yoga enthusiasts on a path of sadhana practice who are qualified professional Yoga and Pilates Teachers who are dedic
Choose from all levels of: Ananda Yoga Indian Bollywood Dance Yin & Yang Yoga Asana & Pranayama Indian Dance Yoga Basic Ashtanga Led Kid's Combat Yoga Combat Ashtanga Yoga Kid's Yoga Yoga Dre
Busy working and no time excersice.Try yoga,the best way to relax and excersice after you have long days at work. Bodhi offers a wide range of yoga styles: Gentle yoga, Hatha, Iyengar, Kundalini as t
Complimentary Trial Class!Positive Infants, Babies, Tots & Kids! Date: 17th & 18th April Time: 2pm – 2.45 pm :Positive Infants® ( 3 – 6 months) 3pm – 3.45pm : Positive B
About Us Spaboutique - the City Resort Spa at Nassim is just a step away from the busy metropolitan atmosphere of the city into sprawling grounds surrounded by nature. Soak in the nature calls and th
A great workout for Grannies! Searching for ways to improveyour quality of life and remain active asyou enter intothe next phase?In today’s aging population, more people are seeking for a healt
Yoga Centre Relaxed in your own perspective, as you glow with health. Natural, simple, relaxing yet health-beneficial – yoga is most suitable for people living in a modern, fast-paced society.
We are headed by Rebecca Ng who is conferred an International Diploma by Shiva Yoga Kendra, Chennai India. She understudies with Masters from The Sivananda Institute, & is qualified in Hatha & Ashtan
NILE YOGA is headed by Rebecca Ng who is conferred an International Diploma by Shiva Yoga Kendra, Chennai India. She understudies with Masters from The Sivananda Institute, and is qualified in Hatha
Yoga Sense is incorporated with the vision to spread Yoga. The focus of Yoga Sense is to enable every individual to experience this science of life and self-culture.
YOGA Yoga is a gentle exercise suitable for all ages and levels of fitness without the negative effects associated with high-impact exercise . Yoga brings about a deep transformation of the individua
Our Classes power yoga This engaging yoga style is a modified form of ashtanga yoga to suit modern people. Set to motivational music, it is absorbing, intense and challenging. It utilizes ujjayii bre
Classes All our Yoga classes are Hatha based. Beginners I, II (1hr 15min) These classes are designed for students who have no or some experience in yoga. here we encourage our students to go at their
The Iyengar method is initatially learnt through the in-depth study of asanas (posture) and pranayama (breath control).
Enjoy private Yoga classes as a family in the convenience of your home.
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