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Hi I have 3 Hamster cages up for sale All of the above listed items are in good condition(8/10) as they are only used for a month each cage includes: 1 hamsterwheel 1 food dish 1 water bottle 1 hid
I am a hamster & guinea pig owner myself for half year now & they are all happy & healthy! You wont have to worry a thing about your pets while you're away.
Im selling away my 3 robos due to future time constraints when im enlisted for NS. I had bought them from a breeder in March this year. 3 of them are 9 months old, from the same litter and are all ma
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hamstersfor adoption (winter white) color: white and gray age: about 2-3months old price: we just need 1 kg of hamster food and 1 pack of wood shavings in exchange of 2 hamsters you need to take 1 pa
Hi, I have 2 male robo hamster5 month & 7 month old for adoption. Just give me a packet of hamster food as a token. Interested, sms me at 90301014 . Thks
Clearance Sale The Brand New Small Cage (PIC 6) Accessories including 1 food tray,drinking bottle,normal wheel and a house. It is a 2 storey cage which comeswith ladder. Measurement : L 23cm ,W 16.5c
Hamster with cage and food. It consists of a hamster (6 weeks old)in a beautiful cage. Food, bathing sand and 56litres of wood shaving. Interested buyers kindly sms me! Sms me at 96339518
Ihv 5 hamster which born on 29/3/08 up 4 sale 1 hamster 4 $7 2 hamster 4 $12 3 hamster 4 $15 yr help and cooperation is appeciated.only 4 nice and sincere buyer... sawdust,cage and food is optional s
HI, I recently just bought a pudding hamster,4 weeks old on 13 of this month. Unfortunately, due to my family issue, I'm not allowed to keep the hamster anymore. So I have to give it away. My offer p
We provide reliable Dog Walking Service for our furry friends during the evening at West/North-East. Other locations are on case by case basis.