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Status: For Adoption Breed: Winter White Russian Age: 10 months old Gender: Male and Female Personality: The male is the Winter White Pearl and the female is the Winter White Normal. They have been k
SELLING ROBOROVSKIS HAMSTERS ~Selling7 Normal Face hamster. ( From a range of 3 weeks to 6mth old )Bothmale and Female available ~Selling2 white face hamster . (One is 6weeks&another is 6 month o
i am looking to adopt normal robo dwarf hamster/female/3 mths old to accomp my hamster. can adopt more than 1. only sincere and good-heart ppl who are hoping to find a good home for their hamsters, a
HI, I recently just bought a pudding hamster,4 weeks old on 13 of this month. Unfortunately, due to my family issue, I'm not allowed to keep the hamster anymore. So I have to give it away. My offer p
I Have 3 Black winter 2 male and 1 cant comform the gender born on 18/11/08, selling at $20 each. Take all 3 just for $50 . Interested pls contact wendy at 91851559
Hi I have 3 Hamster cages up for sale All of the above listed items are in good condition(8/10) as they are only used for a month each cage includes: 1 hamsterwheel 1 food dish 1 water bottle 1 hid
Letting go adult and baby dwarf hamsters
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We provide reliable Dog Walking Service for our furry friends during the evening at West/North-East. Other locations are on case by case basis.
1 LH Cream banded red-eye satin female.
Interested parties can contact me @ 90475508 or xavchew@gmail.com with ur price, number of hamsters ur selling and the gender.
I have a white and orangey-beige syrian hamster up for adoption together with a 6mth-old Ovo Habitrail Suite (original retail price at $94.16 @ Pet Lovers Centre). Adoption fee is $25 for everything.
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Collection at west side mrt to be arranged. Interested please email to jolly0385@yahoo.com.sg Details: - Male - 6 mths old - Creamy colour fur - Can be handled doesn't bite