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Gals Accessorize http://galsaccessorize.vox.com Accessories to sweeten up your everyday... Exclusively handcrafted products made with love and tender. Every masterpiece comes in very limited pieces t
Proudfoot http://www.proudfootcollections.blogspot.com/ Do check out our latest updates on handmade accessories. For more information, do email to proudfoot21@hotmail.com .
The Treasure Box http://the-treasure-box.blogspot.com/ Tune in to our newly design chain.. Toy Story - $11 Wonderful trip back to childhood Perfect 21 - $11 Turning 21? A master key to the stage of a
Xclusive Heaven Shop http://www.xclusive-heaven.blogspot.com/ Welcome to Xclusive Heaven Shop The owners of this store belongs to Angie. Ideas & Creations by Angie & Babygodz . All items show
Amongtheflower.com http://www.amongtheflower.com Thank you for visiting amongtheflower.com! Please feel free to browse our website. We have hand crafted earrings, bracelets and necklaces in various d
Genuine Sparkles http://www.genuinesparkles.com Welcome and Thank You for stopping by! This online store of mine is my creative outlet. I hope to share my creations with everyone as I feel my designs
Chillipadi http://chillipadi.tk/ -about us- the designers of ChilliPadi* are clara and michelle, two 22 year-olds who love art, fashion and accessories. everything that we have on here is original an
The Soul Vacation http://thesoulvacation.blogspot.com/ Do check out our latest updates!!! Email us at thesoulvacation@gmail.com if you have any queries(:
Butterfleric http://www.butterfleric.alturl.com/ sheryl is born in the 1980s and loves all things vintage and whimsical. her hobby involves beading, scrapping and painting. she aspires to create piec
Rezilienz http://www.rezilienz.com/ Rezilienz caters hand-made accessories. Started on Thursday, October 05 2006 By Teo Yao Wen. We hope to bring out the best in you. Be yourself, Beautiful. We hope
Charm Factory http://charm-factory.blogspot.com/ Hi peeps! Welcome to Charm Factory! Set up in 2006 by Hsi Yin & Jeslyn, the designers of Charm Factory aims to create unique and exquisite items f
Gem Makers http://www.gemmakers.blogspot.com/ About GemMakers™ I make accessories as a hobby and thus started GemMakers in 2006. I use mostly Swarovski crystals and glass beads for my creations
Abblizzio Creations http://www.abblizzio.com Abblizzio Creation is owned by Abblizzio Creation , a registered company in Singapore. Being based in Singapore where information technology is always in i
Jett's http://jetts.wordpress.com With a penchant for charms, jewels and stones, Jetts is the brainchild of Cady, who has developed an immense love for jewellery crafting ever since she was in her pri
Stephanie's http://stephaniefong.blogspot.com/ WELCOME to Stephanie's, a online blogshop that sells only handmade items and one of a kind. I truly appreciate that you've taken a little of your time t
Belle Inspirations http://belle-inspirations.blogspot.com/ the name came about by weaving together "belle" which means Beautiful in French and the word "inspirations" which expres
Vallerina Dreams http://www.dolce-v.blogspot.com/ I'm valleri, the crafter of this blog, because of my passion for designing unique accessories, -vallerina dreams- was launched in march 2007. Email v
Dear all, All these handcrafts are made by my mum.... Golden Ox - $8.00 Golden Pineapple - $3.80 Orange - $3.80 Little God Of Fortune - $3.80 (Handphone strap) Hello Kitty - $2.80 (Handphone strap) L
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Little Whims http://www.littlewhims.blogspot.com/ Little Whims is all about putting thoughts to paper. Lovely cards, books, and journals are just some of the things available for you to pen your inne